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Make Your Home More Sellable with Smart Home Technology

Smart Home technology can make your home stand out and memorable with buyers. Millennials and Gen Ys may be the largest groups desiring a home with smart home technology but even Baby Boomers look for more convenience in their lives and they know how to use it! You have to remember, this is the generation that invented computers as we know them today!

Connecting devices to your smart phone can save energy, money, and time. There are four categories of smart devices:

  1. Utilities - Thermostat, light bulbs, sprinkler, electrical outlet, ceiling fan, stove, washer and dryer, powered window shades, etc.

  2. Safety - Wireless key entry, doorbell, garage door, outdoor lighting, etc.

  3. Security - Burglar alarm, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, or any sensor that triggers a call for emergency assistance.

  4. Audio / Visual - Personal assistant such as Alexa or Siri, TVs, music, etc.

The big box home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot carry a plethora of compatible devices that can turn your home into a Smart Home. If you have invested in the Alexa devices, you can find a lot of devices on Amazon that work very well. My favorite device is the garage opener. The majority of break-ins are through the garage!

With today’s technology available to consumers, it can be pretty easy and inexpensive to get started. Setting your home up with Smart Home devices can be a great marketing tool, and make your home memorable, without too much out of pocket.


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